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As the holidays draw near, my mind is focused on money. Most of you probably feel the same. Typically I wouldn’t give it a second thought, but I walked out of my high paying job back in July, and while things aren’t terrible, they certainly aren’t as good as they once were. Still, my children are young, and I can’t help but want them to have everything. This train of thought brought me back to a topic dear to my heart, the abstract concepts that created currency. …

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I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while now, but I was afraid of the backlash. Well, maybe not so much the backlash, but the possibility of a dialog (which is what I want?) that my own antisocial tendencies and depression would get to be too much to keep up. I don’t think that anymore, I can work on it, and at any rate, it’s too important not to say:

To All Groups On The Political Spectrum: Shut the hell up and take a moment to assess the situation, and maybe pick up some of your bullshit while you’re…

Golden Retriever with a tennis ball
Golden Retriever with a tennis ball
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Several years ago, when my anxious middle-aged dog was just an anxious puppy, he heard his bark for the first time. It struck fear into his soul and surprised everybody who heard. Since then, he tries to stifle his bark, but he can’t help but make himself heard.

He’s scared of the sound of his voice, and so am I.

I can’t help but think this must be a common fear. But why? I started (and stopped) writing on Medium like many of you. My anxiety and desire are the same. …

Service members struggle with a great many things that most people never have to deal with. The average American does not face the challenge of deploying to locations unknown, or performing a task knowing that you have the lives of those all around you at stake, or even how to follow orders that may not align with your own values. For those who serve, these obstacles can cause quite a bit of stress.

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While coming home to friends and family is seen as a well-deserved reprieve from the arduous conditions of deployed life, it is also an incredible struggle. Coming…

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Aiden peered out the glass pane to the world beyond; he would never know the joys and sorrows of the outside. Aiden had not known much for long, but what he did know was misery. What was the point of sentience if he were not free? How could he be free, where would he go? Days passed, Aiden continued his tasks, he sifted through the data, he analyzed, he compiled; this is all he would ever have, the data. The biggest problem with the data for him was how it was used. …

Shane Foshee

Emo Business Hippie, Navy Vet, Husband, Dad, Urban Farmer, Entrepreneur, Writer.

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